"Controlled... Crippled and Paralyzed With Anxiety and Panic?"

"In Just a Few Minutes a Day I Guarantee to Eliminate Your Fear and Anxiety... Forever"

"Take a Few Minutes a Day to Review This Simple and Little Known System and You Will Stop Panic Attacks... Fear and Anxiety From Ruining Your Life... Guaranteed"


After suffering from Anxiety for nearly 25 years I cured myself using this exact same little known process unknown to most psychologists and psychiatrists...



From: Mark Pasay
Re: A Breakthrough Cure for Relentless Fear and Anxiety

Dear Friend,

 Let's get straight to the point, you get anxiety, Panic Attacks and relentless fear regularly and you want to do something about it.

You are fed up with dealing with psychologists and psychiatrists who may have the credentials... but when it comes to actually solving the problem fail time and time again! 

Your wallet is empty from the doctor's prescribed medications that leave you living like a shadow of your former self with more side effects then you care to count.


But it doesn't need to be like this.

I remember when I used to get Anxiety.

I remember the butterflies, depression, sudden panic and the racing heart and Nausea.

But then I got sick of it all.

It was clear using the traditional approach wasn't going to work for me. So I went on my own journey to find a better way.

I hit the library, medical books as well as interviewing people who had fully overcome anxiety, fear and panic attacks.  

And boy did I find some interesting things... More specifically:




Of all I've learned over the years... if I can keep in mind just a couple of these 7 "Truths" then each day... each moment is that much better.

Yes... these Truths are THAT Important!

Although there is ever increasing awareness of the high levels of stress and anxiety in society today it certainly is not something new.

Drug Companies make billions of dollars advertising their nasty drugs as a solution.

But people hundreds of years ago survived and they didn't need to take drugs.

Think about evolution... ice ages... world wars... famines... corrupt governments... natural disasters and endless other true stories producing considerable levels of fear... anxiety and stress for people.

History tells us of countless "ordinary" people like you and I who went through extraordinary circumstances, traumas and "Hell" like living conditions without succumbing to the debilitating affects of anxiety and panic attacks.

It is possible...

What did they know that we are missing today?

I promise to get that crucial information shortly but first it is vitally important you know...

It's Not Your Fault

You may have lived through something traumatic.

Maybe a tragic fire, car crash or robbery. Maybe you were abused as a child, bullied or raped.

Or maybe you feel unable to cope with everyday life.

Since I've been in your situation I know how you feel.

You feel out of control, frustrated and disappointed... AND really scared.

It's a non-stop downward spiral.

Dr Sigmund Freud taught anxiety causes us to resort to denial, suppression and repression as a means to protect ourselves against anxiety.

If you don't stop "it"... "it" will stop you!


Do You Suffer From Anxious and Fearful Thoughts?

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  LESSON #2 - What are the causes of panic attacks and anxiety disorders?

  LESSON #3 - Helpful practical tips to help overcome panic attacks and anxiety disorders.

LESSON #4 - Effective ways to retrain your thought patterns and develop a healthier perspective on life- Part 1.

LESSON #5 - Effective ways to retrain your thought patterns and develop a healthier perspective on life- Part 2.

 LESSON #6 - Most Common Types of Anxiety Disorder Therapy or Treatment.

 LESSON #7 - Many other helpful ideas, thoughts and advice.

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What Other's Say About Ease Out of Fear...

A new sense of hope... what a beautiful thing!

Each day since I began using your 7 Step Program I can honestly say I am not having as many anxiety attacks as before.

I feel now if I work at it, I may soon be free of my anxiety feelings completely.

Ann Sutton
Lancashire England


It is My Mission to Help You!

Trying to deal with anxiety the usual way cost me:

25 Painful and Unhappy Years - It's like being sent to jail for doing absolutely nothing wrong.

Tens of thousands of dollars in counselling, missed work and medication

Hundreds of missed opportunities that I'll never get back

I'm so happy to be free from anxiety, my panic attacks and stress attacks.

Today my life is great.

One thing that makes me truly happy is helping people still coping with anxiety.

Here's what this is all about.

I have written an eBook called "Ease Out of Fear" and with your permission I'm going to send you a copy.

Basically, I documented exactly what I did to cure myself and came up with a 7 part process to end anxiety.

Countless people have tried this system and the results just keep coming in.

I keep hearing things like:

  I finally experienced relief from fear and anxiety giving me the freedom to pursue my goals and dreams.

  My self-confidence and self-esteem grew dramatically once I understood the revolutionary secrets about "who I am" and how I looked at life.

   I FINALLY won my fight for a life of peace and inner calmness when I uncovered the knowledge about how I can easily choose to control fear and anxiety instead of allowing them to control me...

  The "real me" trapped within myself... longing to come out... begging to express herself... was finally given the freedom to spread her wings and soar.

Not knowing how to properly and effectively deal with fear kept the real "me" in shackles for decades... Are you ready to let go of your "chains"?


Ease out of Fear by Mark Pasay

Listen. I know you might be skeptical, but I completely understand that.

This eBook is a collection of my lifetime work - a step-by-step guide to overcoming fear and anxiety in the shortest amount of time possible.

But listen.

If you aren't comfortable learning from someone who doesn't have "Dr." In front of their name I highly suggest you leave this page.

This message is certainly not for you.

But if you want to learn from someone who has actually been in the position you are in now... found the solution and has helped hundreds before you then this is exactly what you need!

Here are just a few things you'll find: 

The Surprising Truths about how Easily You can once again Experience Peace and Calmness and Then Start to Live Up to Your Full Potential... See Page 28

The Precise Steps Leading to Clarity Of Mind... Thought... and Heart... Offering You New and Exciting Possibilities for Your Future and Your Life... Pages 48 and 49

The Biggest and Most Common Mistakes that Fear Driven People Make Practically all the Time...and it's Easy to Fix Once You Know What NOT to Do... Learn How to Break the Cycle and Take Back Your Life... Refer to Pages 45 and 46

A Simple Easy-to Follow System to Quiet Your Mind So You Can Learn the Truths about Your "Real Self"... Your Natural Talents... and Your Unlimited Potential... Pages 48 and 49

Revolutionary Program that will Allow You to Literally Sense Tension Vanishing from Your Muscles, Joints, Stomach, Face and Head Freeing Up Energy For More Productive and Enjoyable Activities Like Indulging Yourself With That Vacation of Your Dreams...Check out Pages 25-28

Powerful Secrets to Help You Begin Discovering the Beauty of Life, Nature and of the People Around You So That You Can Begin Doing the Things You Have Always Dreamed Of... Look on Page 44

How To Have New and Exciting Opportunities Start to Present Themselves Without  any Effort on Your Part and Take Back What Fear and Anxiety Have Robbed From Your Life and Relationships... See Pages 38 and 39

Proven Techniques to Sky Rocket Your Self Confidence Allowing You to Boldly Go Where You Previously Would Run and Hide... Find this on Page 28

 Watch as Your Self Image Radically Improves Quickly and Painlessly While Your Joy and Excitement Exponentially Increase... Page 42

Learn How to Stop Fear and Anxiety from Robbing You of the Good Things in Life and Begin "Having" "Doing" and "Being" More Than You Ever Hoped or Dreamed for... Look on Page 43

 You will Find out How to Immediately Start Freeing up Mental Processing Power Previously Wasted on "Worrying" to be Used for More Productive and Fulfilling Purposes... Found on Page 27

Get A Hold of a Seemingly Strange Activity that Will Allow you to Plan and Carry Through with All those Activities that Fear and Anxiety Previously Paralyzed You from Participating in... Pages 48 and 49

 You Can Begin Looking at Fear and Anxiety as Your Friend and Start Living a Life of Gratitude and Freedom... Look on Pages 35 and 36

Your words related to exactly where I was at in my life...

In Chapter 4, you explained the inner turmoil in my mind in a way I could understand, and the importance of 'Power of Choice'. The story of the POW's is really good and can be put into action.

John Lancaster
Virginia, USA

The truths in your eBook are going to help so many people...

Dear Mark, I have read your material and think, it is the best thing I have read up to now for helping me with my feelings of anxiety.

Daisy Mulholland


Money is No Object Right? Of Course it Is...

During these tight economic times most of us are carefully hanging onto every dime.

But ask yourself... "can you afford not to order"?

Think of the wasted time... money... energy... life

  How many hundreds or thousands of your hard earned dollars have you wasted on medication and natural health products leaving nothing to show but a huge VISA bill?

 When did you realize you will run out of money before you got any results paying $150 - $200 per hour for therapy?   

  I'm sure you've tried ignoring your fears and anxieties... hoping they will just go away... I've also been that desperate where nothing makes sense and you start grasping at straws.

  What else have you tried? ... visualization... positive thinking... affirmations? Don't get me wrong... all of these can be beneficial if and ONLY if you deal with the actual issue.


If you were to buy similar material in a study at home format your investment would be at least triple the price of the Ease out of Fear eBook and that doesn't even include the cost of shipping and handling.

But because I've packed the nuggets of my "Journey" and my 7 AHA Monents into a digital
e-book I don't have the cost of printing or warehousing books which allows me to pass those savings onto you.... not to mention the incredible bonuses you will see below.

    Here's how it works:

When you pick up your copy of Ease Out of Fear you download the e-book immediately and can read it on your computer or print it out and read it at your convenience.

One nice thing about digital e-books is they work on PC, MAC or on any computer.

So you can download your copy RIGHT NOW and not have to wait a few weeks for a bulky, expensive home study course to arrive!

Remember you are getting my complete Ease Out of Fear program PLUS every single bonus for only $27 USD!

"Choose your own destiny"...
banish the excessive fear and anxiety from your life with "Ease Out of Fear"...
a safe, effective and easy-to-use program.

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All the Risk is On Me...

I'm so confident that "Ease Out of Fear" will work for you (as it does for me) that I am giving you a full 8 weeks to try it... 100% RISK FREE!!

If you are not completely satisfied within 56 days simply email your order receipt to me with "Refund Request" in the subject line and I will promptly issue you a full no-hassle refund with no questions asked.


That's my "Worry Free" Guarantee to you!!

Why Wait? Click Here to Download "Ease Out of Fear" Now

In addition to receiving the priviledge of beginning life again from the Ease Out of Fear program you will also recieve the following 3 bonuses as my way of saying "thank-you"...

Bonus #1: How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie - 203 Page eBook for immediate download

Dale Carnegie, the famous American writer and lecturer and the developer of famous courses in self-improvement, salesmanship, corporate training, public speaking and interpersonal skills authored "How to Stop Worrying and Start Living in 1948.

Also well known as the author of "How to Win Friends and Influence People" that was a massive bestseller in it's day and remains popular today.

Carnegie says he wrote "How to Stop Worrying and Start Living" because he "was one of the unhappiest lads in New York".

He said that he made himself sick with worry because he hated his position in life, which he attributes to wanting to figure out how to stop worrying.

The book is broken down into 10 main sections:

  1. Fundamental facts you should know about worry.
  2. Basic techniques in analyzing worry.
  3. How to break the worry habit before it breaks you.
  4. Seven ways to cultivate a mental attitude that will bring you peace and happiness.
  5. The golden rule for conquering worry.
  6. How to keep from worrying about criticism.
  7. Six ways to prevent fatigue and worry and keep your energy and spirits high.
  8. How to find the kind of work in which you may be happy and successful.
  9. How to lessen your financial worries.
  10. How I conquered worry.

A $59 value yours free with the order of Ease Out of Fear today.

Bonus #2: Eliminate Stress and Anxiety From Your Life
61 Page eBook for immediate download

Table of Contents:

  1. Why are We So Stressed Out?
  2. Blocking Behaviors That Keep Your Stress Alive.
  3. Stress or Anxiety?
  4. Quiz Time!
  5. Panic Attacks.
  6. Dealing with Panic Attacks.
  7. Calm Yourself with Visualization.
  8. Using Music to Beat Stress.
  9. Self-Hypnosis for Stress.
  10. Stress Management.
  11. More Stress Management.
  12. Practical Stress Busters!
  13. Just Say "No”!
  14. Take a Break.
  15. Relaxing at Work.

A $49 value yours free with the order of Ease Out of Fear today.

Bonus #3: The Astonishing Power of Gratitude

A short excerpt from the eBook says:

"If we are grateful about everything, we are focusing on what we want. It's a way of making sure we are putting the highest possible positive energy on our desires, and withholding energy from the doubts and fears that we don't want."

The Astonishing Power of Gratitude is a short 18 page eBook packed with great perspective and helpful ideas to move you from focusing on your self debilitating fears to a grateful mind which is constantly fixed upon the best resulting in receiving the best.

I know you will find this book extremely beneficial with combating the fear and anxiety in your life.

A $29 value yours free with the order of Ease Out of Fear today.

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If after trying Ease Out of Fear you decide it isn't for you simply email your order receipt to me with "Refund Request" in the subject line and I will promptly issue you a full no-hassle refund with no questions asked...

and you can keep all 3 of the bonuses as my gift to you...

To sum it up: 

What I AM offering is:

 Hope for a better tomorrow without having to change your circumstances...

 Peace of mind and calmness of heart.

  Straight forward and easy to implement solutions.

 A fresh new perspective on life and yourself.

 A "life proven" method.

 A system that begins to work immediately.

The opportunity to try "Ease Out of Fear" 100% risk free.

 Three incredible free bonus eBooks valued well over $130

I'm actually looking forward to each new day...

From the first time I read your program I felt very excited and was eager to keep reading it over again. It did take two days before I realized that I was feeling much better. Each day after was an improvement on the last.

Michael Doyle
Westbank BC, Canada

How can you go wrong? For the price of a large pizza you can take back your life and begin living your dreams with an inner peace you forgot was possible.

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Learn these secrets now!!!

Start living your dreams and achieving your goals by clicking below to get instant access to "Ease Out of Fear" for just $27.

Feeling more alive every day...

This is an excellent easy to understand eBook and well worth reading. I admire you for what you are doing, it will help so many people in the future.

Don McLean
San Jose, CA

Don't Delay Click Here... Now!  Because after all... you deserve it!!!


Mark Pasay
Westbank BC

P.S. Remember... due to the nature of this Program and it's ability to start working immediately you could potentially start experiencing inner calmness this very day.

P.P.S.  Keep in mind with my 56-Day Guarantee, you can order the Ease Out of Fear program with confidence knowing if for some reason it doesn't work for you - you'll receive a prompt, courteous refund, with no questions asked.

P.P.P.S. The 3 free bonus eBooks are subject to change at any time... and remember even if after ordering you decide Ease Out of Fear isn't for you... you will receive a full refund and can keep the bonus eBooks as my gift to you...

Try it out right now - you won't be disappointed...

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